Longball Tourney Fundraiser

Long ball hitting contest

Saturday Feb 10th, 2024 @ Sandie Field


The Long Ball Hitting Contest is a fun, family-friendly event held annually at Sandie Field that allows players to earn money for the Amarillo High School Baseball Program.


Prior to the event, players will receive PER FOOT pledges from family & friends. On the day of the event, each player will hit the ball 10 times. Each hit will be measured for distance. The TOP THREE distances will be added together (example: 3 hits x 300 ft each = 900 ft). This number is then multiplied by the amount of the per foot pledge to get the total donation (example: 5 cent pledge x 900 ft = $45. Flat Donations are accepted as well.

Following the event, the players will collect their pledges. Payments can be made cash, check to AHS Baesball or Venmo @sandie-baseball

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